Trade Name

Sotetsu Hotel Management CO.,LTD.


July 14, 2017


1 billion yen


Sotetsu Holdings, Inc.

of Employees


of Directors

Representative Director and President Osamu Yoshida
Board Director Norihiko Ueki
Board Director Yoshikatsu Masuko
Board Director Hideyuki Takizawa
Board Director Takamasa Kato
Auditor Hiroshi Kojima
Auditor Taisuke Sugiyama

  • Hotels, ryokan (Japanese-style lodging) and F&B businesses
  • Hotel chain operation by a franchise system
  • Site surveys, planning, design and supervision, construction, and technical guidance for hotels
  • Proposals for starting hotel businesses
  • Consigned management of accommodations, beverage services, recreational facilities, etc.
  • Contracted services including accommodation, beverage, administration, housekeeping, cleaning, facility management, security and car park management
  • Planning, survey, construction and guidance on management of accommodations
  • Sale and intermediary of hotel supplies
  • Proxy service for reservations of accommodation
  • Contracted services for design and supervision of construction, as well as civil engineering and construction works