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CSR Activities—A Message to our guests

Our Sunroute Hotel Chain values the concept of walking "WITH" customers, the local community, and the environment.

Initiatives Concerning the Environment

The Sunroute Hotel Chain is conscious of the global environment, and each and every one of our staff members continues to work on environmental conservation and fulfill his or her role as a member of society.

  • We are attempting to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by reducing utility costs.
  • We are undertaking initiatives to reduce carbon dioxide such as by recommending guests who are staying consecutive nights to select "no cleaning."
  • We are working on reducing carbon dioxide by promoting a "bring your own toothbrush/razor campaign" among guests who are staying consecutive nights.
    *The following hotels are excluded
    Hotel Nets Hakodate, Hotel New Carina (Morioka), Forest Hongo, Tokyo Green Palace (Kojimachi), Atsugi Urban Hotel, Cypress Garden Hotel, Rako Hananoi Hotel (Suo), Park Inn Toyama, Hotel Prime Toyama, Fukuyama Plaza Hotel, Hotel Sunroute Taipei

Community Contribution Activities

Our hotel business comprises not only "hospitality" related to the hospitality industry for hotel guests, but we also regard hospitality for visitors coming to the area as a social mission, and each hotel is involved cleaning activities and community exchanges regarding sightseeing spot in the local region (parks, castles, shrines, etc.).

  • Clean-Up Activities
    The Sunroute Hotel Chain conducts unified regional cleanup activities.
  • Participation in Local Events
    Open shop at local festivals
  • Accepting hands-on learning experiences, etc.
    We accept junior high school/high school students in each area for hands-on learning experiences in each area. Students can experience the actual tasks that hotel staff members perform (check-in/check-out-related work at the reception desk, telephone correspondence, bed making, etc.).
  • Holding of Cooking Class
    Cooking classes during spring break and summer vacation are held for children. The children can make authentic pasta and sweets with a chef.
  • Initiatives Aimed at Local Production for Local Consumption
    The ingredients made in each area are incorporated into the breakfast menu, etc. In addition, local specialty products (seasonal fruits and traditional crafts), etc. are sold at the souvenir section.

Ecoala: Official character of Sunroute Hotel Chain

Introduction of Ecoala, the official character of the Sunroute Hotel Chain. "Ecoala" is a green fairy character born from the environmental conservation efforts of the Sunroute Hotel Chain. As his name says, he loves ecology! His motto is to be kind to the earth and gentle to everyone.

Birthday May 11, 2009 (Mon)
Sex Boy
Height 20cm
Weight 361.0g
Birthplace Tokyo
Hobby traveling
Personality Energetic, cheerful, and gentle. Loves to meet many guests.

On the official Facebook page of the Sunroute Hotel Chain, the official character Ecoala travels across Japan and introduces the Sunroute Hotels in various locations.

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