Sunroute Club Edy Membership

Lots of great benefits!
Available at all Sunroute Hotels!
There is no initial fee or annual membership fee!


  • Quick Check-in and Late Check-out
    • Quick check-in with just presenting member card and your signature.
    • Free 12pm late check-out
    • For some reservation plans this service may not be applicable, also the available late check-out time may differ to hotels. please ask at the reception for further details
  • Sunroute Point Program
    • Earn 1 Sunroute point per eligible 100 yen (excluding tax) spent at our hotels and restaurants.
    • Members must present the card to hotels and restaurants
  • Room rate discounts for members
    • 10% discount from the regular rate for weeknight stays, 20% discount from the regular rate for Sunday and holiday stays.*
    • Discount starts from the day you join!
    • Discount will only apply to Sunroute Club member's room (only to the actual room the member stays).
    • Discounts will only apply to reservations taken directly (via phone or Email).
  • Smart enjoying member benefits from the day you join!
    • Easy to enroll!
    • With just filling out the form at respective hotels, you will instantly receive your card!
  • How to redeem Sunroute points
    • Earned Sunroute points can be redeemed as Rakuten Edy (Electronic money), in a unit of 500 points which is equivalent to 1,000 yen Rakuten Edy. (For description of Rakuten Edy please refer to "Note").
    • Exchange from Sunroute points to Rakuten Edy will be preceded at respective Sunroute hotels. Please ask our reception staff for further information about your point status, or check your point receipt which will be issued when you are billed at the hotel.

*Note: "Rakuten Edy"
By depositing the money, you can use the card as pay as you go credit for 350,000 stores nationwide, including convenience stores and McDonald's, also at our domestic hotels. Once you use up your credit, please fill it up at your nearest convenience stores in Japan.