1. Name

The name of this membership organization is the "Sunroute Club Edy", and is managed by the "Sunroute Club help desk (hereinafter referred to as "help desk") of Sotetsu Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

2. Name and Function of Card

The Sunroute Club point card Edy (hereinafter referred to as "point card Edy") refers to a card which has a function of store-valued card with electronic money "Rakuten Edy (hereinafter referred to as "Edy")" provided by Rakuten Edy, Inc., additionally to the functions of "Sunroute Club point card"issued by the help desk.

3. Membership

1. Individuals who accept the agreement and register through the procedure defined in Item 4 shall become Sunroute Club Edy Members (hereinafter, referred to as “member”).

*We shall not issue multiple cards to an individual customer. In the case we issue a duplicated card, the one that has been already issued will be invalid.

2. Applicable Terms and Conditions

In order to use Edy, the "Terms of Use of Rakuten Edy Service" shall apply to the members, in addition to this agreement. (The "Terms of Use of Rakuten Edy Service" are only available on the Japanese site.) Besides, our company assumes no responsibility for damages caused to the member in use of Edy functions.

3. Use of Point Card Edy

The point card Edy shall only be used by the registered member.

* However, this shall not apply to the Edy functions.

4. Registration

The customers who desire to register shall fill out necessary field in the application form, and apply at the Sunroute Hotel Chain, or partner hotels (hereinafter referred to as "each of the chain hotels").

We will issue a "Point Card Edy" membership card with a membership number printed on the front.

5. Initial Fee / Annual Membership Fee

There is no initial fee or annual membership fee.

6. Point Card Edy and Point valid period

Point card Edy can be used from the date of issue.

1. Expiration of Points

If point card Edy has not been used for two years from the previous use, the accumulated points will expire.

2. Expiration of Point Card Edy

If point card Edy has not been used for five years from the previous use, the point card Edy will expire.

* However, in order to keep your card active you are required to use the hotel. The card use limited to Edy function does not apply to the period of use in the above items 1 and 2.

* Even though point card function expires, Edy functions can continuously be used.

7. Benefits

With Point Card Edy, you shall receive following benefits from 1 to 3.

*The overseas hotels have different benefit systems. Please check with Sunroute’s website for more details.

1. Basic benefits (within hotels)

When using each of the chain hotels, you shall receive following benefits as you present Point Card Edy. If you do not bring your Point Card, 1, 3, 4 and 5 will be provided only if we can match the membership information.

(1) Earn Points

A. When Staying at the Hotel

Present your point card Edy at the front desk when checking in. Room charges and service charges are applicable to earning points, and one point will be added per 100 yen spent (tax excluded). Only one card is applicable for one room per night.

In addition, 20 points per night will be provided to the members who made reservations through "travel agencies" and "Internet reservation sites (except for the direct Web sites of the Sunroute Hotel Chain and each of the chain hotels). (This does not apply to some of the hotels.)

*Please receive points by the time of your check-out at the hotel you stayed in. The points cannot be added afterwards, or in other hotels.

B. At Restaurants

Present your point card Edy when paying at the restaurant. Food, drinks and service charges are applicable, and one point will be added per 100 yen spent (tax excluded).

When a member pays together for his/her group, the total charge for food and drinks and service charges is applicable to earning points.

In addition, the earning of points is limited to the restaurants available for points (restaurants provided with a point card information stand). The use of banquet halls is not applicable for earning points.

* Please present your card and receive your points on the during your stay at your hotel. Points may not be added later, and nor received at any other hotels.

(2) Using your earned points at the front desk (clearance of your points)

Exchange with Edy Gifts

With the request of the member himself/herself, we will exchange every 500 points for 1000 yen worth Edy gift(s), and we will receive the gift(s) for you.

Edy Gifts will be issued to the Edy Function (number) mounted on the relevant Point Card.

Edy can be used in stores of Rakuten Edy Members nationwide.

*If you have applied to exchange your earned points with Edy gifts on Sunroute Hotel Chain Official Site “Sunroute WEB” (hereinafter, referred to as “Sunroute WEB”), you are required to follow the following procedures:

*After Edy gift is issued, please receive Edy by specified date at the ‘information terminal’ installed at Edy receiving location, or at FeliCa Port ‘PaSoRi’.

*If you do not receive Edy within 60 days from the date Edy gift was issued, that particular Edy gift will be invalidated.

(3) Room Charge Discount

We will give 10% discount from the basic room charge for weekday stays, and 20% discount from the basic room charge for Sunday and holiday stays (some hotels are excluded). However, there will be no further discount from the reservations taken from travel agencies, various discounted charges other than the basic room charges, and accommodation plans from internet sites that discounts have already been applied etc.

(4) Quick Check-In Service

You may check in by simply signing.

(5) Late Check-Out Service

Please present your Point Card at the front desk upon your check-in. You may extend your check-out time until 12:00 at no additional charge.

* Please understand in advance that there may be cases we are not able to extend your checkout time.

2. Basic Benefits (Sunroute WEB)

You shall receive following benefits on “Sunroute WEB” (this website).

(1) Direct use of your earned points (WEB reservation points)

You can use your earned points upon making reservations on Sunroute WEB from a single point. (You are required to register the points you are using upon making reservations.)

One point for one yen will be applied to you room charge.

(2) Airline Mileage Transfer Service

Members of the JAL Mileage Bank or ANA Mileage Club can transfer points to miles in units of 1,000 points, based on one point = one mile.

In addition, miles can only be transferred when the name of the member of JAL Mileage Bank, or the ANA Mileage Club.is the same as Sunroute Club. (Click here)

(3) Other basic benefits

In addition to the above basic benefits, following benefits are also available.

* You will be required to present the point card to receive the additional benefits.

* The details of the additional benefits may change without prior notice.

1. Benefits Outside Hotels

Discounts at restaurants, etc. and benefits outside hotels are also available.

2. Affiliate Benefits

SUNROUTE Club Affiliate Benefits offers a range of discounts, etc. Please check SUNROUTE WEB for details.

3. S-cash

S-cash exchanged before the transfer of SUNROUTE Club membership to SUNROUTE Club Edy membership can be redeemed from 1 yen at the reception of a chain hotel or at the payment at a restaurant that accepts S-cash upon the presentation of the point card.

8. Membership Qualification

If any of the following issues come under, we will decline the registration. Besides, if any applies after the registration, we will revoke membership qualification. In this case Point card Edy itself and earned points will expire. There will be no notice to the member upon this expiration.

(1) When the member declares false information at the time of registration.

(2) When the member is identified to be a member of an organized crime group, affiliated with an organized crime group, or an affiliated member of antisocial forces.

(3) When the address, telephone number and other contact information of the member identified to be unknown.

(4) When the member fails to pay various charges, such as accommodation charges or etc. as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts.

(5) When the member disturbs the order of the hotel without observing the Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Contracts and the Regulations for Use.

(6) When the member violates this membership agreement.

9. Withdrawal

The member may withdraw if any of the following cases applies, and the earned points, etc. shall be invalidated.

- (1) When the registered member requests withdrawal from the membership.

- (2) When point card Edy expires per item 6-2.

- (3) When the membership qualification has been revoked according to item 8.

- (4) When the registered member passes away.

10. Transfer of Membership Qualification

The membership qualification, earned points, etc. may not be transferred to any other party.

11. Modifications of your registered information

If any of your address, name, or phone numbers have changed, please inform any of the chain hotels, help desk or make changes on Sunroute WEB at your first convenience.

If you are transferring membership from Sunroute Club to Sunroute Club Edy, your earned points and S-cash balance shall be transferred to Point Card Edy.

12. Loss and Theft of Card

If the point card Edy is lost or stolen, please notify the nearest chain hotel. You will be asked to pay 500 yen (consumption tax included) as a handling fee for reissuance, and we will issue a new point card Edy. (The new card will be issued with new member number and Edy function number)

In this case, the earned points shall be carried over to the new card; however, the Edy functions of the previous card (Edy balance, etc.) shall not be carried over. In addition, when any damage occurs to the member due to loss, theft or etc. of the point card, the help desk and each of the chain hotels shall not bear any responsibility.

13. Handling of Personal Information

1. Acquisition, Retention and Use of Personal Information

In order for the help desk and each of the chain hotels to manage the point system and perform business concerning the accommodation of members, the members shall agree to the acquisition, retention and use of personal information jointly, based on measures being taken to protect the information in the following items 1 to 4 (hereinafter referred to as "personal information").

(1) The name, gender, date of birth, contact address, contact telephone number and other indicated items of the member that were specified in the application form by the member.

(2) Situations concerning the hotel reservations of the member.

(3) Guest history record of the accommodations and restaurants in each of the chain hotels related to the earned points.

(4) The settlement use history of the points.

* The scope of the joint users of the above personal information is Sunroute Hotel Chain and Sunroute Club help desk.

2.Use of Personal Information

The help desk and each of the chain hotels shall use the personal information for the following purposes.

(1) Management of the point system, and provision of the accompanying services

(2) Business concerning the hotel reservations and check-in of the member

(3) Contacting and sending of information from the help desk and each of the chain hotels required for legitimate business activities

(4) Mailing of advertisements, etc. from the help desk or each of the chain hotels (However, the mailing service, etc. shall be stopped upon the request of the member.)

(5) Use for marketing activities of the help desk and each of the chain hotels and product development (As well as this case, we shall only use the personal information for statistical analysis, and shall not use personal information which specifies individuals.)

(6) A portion of the business of this club may be outsourced to a trustee. In this case, we shall take the appropriate protective measures, and may allow portions of the personal information to be used by the concerned trustee.

3. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

Except for the cases stipulated in the membership agreement, this club shall not provide any personal information to third party. However, personal information may be provided if it applies to the following cases.

(1) If the member gives a consent.

(2) If provision of personal information is based on laws and regulations, and when there are requests from public institutions.

(3) If provision of personal information is necessary for the protection of life, health or the property of individuals.

4. Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

The members shall be able to request disclosure of personal information. The members may request disclosure of personal information concerning the member, to the help desk. When there is an error in the registration contents, or changes are required, the help desk shall immediately carry out corrections or deletions.

[Contact upon Members Personal Information]

Click here for inquiries.

14. Suspension of Point Card Edy Use

In the following cases, points may not be earned, and earned points, etc. may not be used.

(1) During maintenance of the system concerning this service

(2) During the period where this service cannot be provided due to trouble in the system concerning this service, trouble with the communication lines or etc.

(3) In addition, when it is determined to be necessary to temporarily suspend the service due to management and technical reasons

15. Change of Agreement, etc.

We reserve the right to change this agreement, or the contents including the benefits without prior notice. The changes of this agreement, etc. shall be announced in the "Sunroute Web."

16. Termination of Sunroute Club Edy

(1) The Sunroute Club Edy may be terminated upon prior announcement on the "Sunroute Web."

(2) The Sunroute Club may be terminated without prior notice, when the continuation of business becomes difficult due to the convenience of management, natural disasters or other emergency situations.

* In the case of the above items (1) or (2), the rights concerning the use of the point card Edy by the member shall be forfeited, unless the member is clearly notified otherwise.

17. Applicable Laws

All the laws and regulations of Japan shall be applied to the applicable laws concerning this agreement.

18. Agreement Jurisdiction

The Tokyo District Courts shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of the first trial, for any disputes which arise between members and the help desk.

19. Supplementary Provisions

If the member of "Sunroute Club", which has terminated accepting new members on 30th September 2012, transfer its membership to "Sunroute club Edy" within the transition period based on the agreement , the balance of Sunroute points and S-cash at the time of transfer will be transferred to the point card Edy.

In addition, the balance of S-cash which is transferred from Sunroute Club card will expire on 30th September 2020.

Furthermore, if the member withdraws from Sunroute club Edy, the balance of points and S-cash will become null and void.

(October 1, 2017)